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Being More to More Charter Schools


I am Traci Bryant-Riches and in 2010 I joined the charter school world of South Carolina when I left the State Department of Education for the SC Public Charter School District (SCPCSD) where I oversaw Federal Programs. The rapid growth of the District quickly lead me to the position of Charter Initiatives Director. 


Since leaving the SCPCSD, I have opened or provided opening services to:

Schools with management consulting services:

Co-owner of T2 CHarters serving as the education management organization for 

Mountain View Preparatory (MVP) a sports and entertainment career focused school

Sitting on both sides of the charter school table has given me a wealth of knowledge.  I understand both the role of a charter school authorizer and what it takes to open and operate a charter school.  The latter being a much bigger job!


Now, I can be more to more charter schools, potential charter schools and new authorizers.  Let me use my knowledge and experience to help you join the charter school world!

Traci Bryant-Riches



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