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My entire career has been spent in either the education or nonprofit world.  As an independent consultant, I have the opportunity to combine all my expereince and expertise into one focus.  My  goal is to help create innovative, unique and results driven charter schools and create more opportunities for choice in education.



AVIA Charters


  • Work with new and existing authorizers to create approval and accountability processes to ensure high quality charter schools

  • Train charter school boards on state requirements and self-assessments

  • Assist charter planning committees through the approval and opening planning year to open high quality charter schools

  • Review charter schools for potential funders for facilities, grants and donations

  • Conduct pre-reviews for traditional districts and charter schools that have been selected for state civil rights reviews and monitoring visits.                                                                                           

  • Established AVIA Charters to open and operate charter schools at a lower rate than other EMOs without dictating the educational model and design.  

  • Services start at the first planning meeting, moving through the approval and opening  stages and onto day to day operation.

Pinnacle Charter Academies

Director of New School Development, Accountability and Compliance           2015-2018

  • Write charter for new school submissions

  • Work with planning committees and board of directors

  • Fulfill all authorizer requirements to open

  • Hire the Head of School

  • Work with the Board and School to establish policies and procedures

  • Support the school through accountability and compliance management

 South Carolina Public Charter School District    

Director of Charter Initiatives                                                            2012-2015

  • Implemented a comprehensive program in support of establishing new charter schools and of helping them to achieve excellence.

  • Interpreted and communicated informational material to support and/or promote charter school programs and services.

  • Educated the public concerning charter school programs and services.

  • Developed, a charter school start up “ tool kit” to include checklists, timelines, best practices, funding sources, compliance information, laws, policies, contact information, etc.

  • Regularly visited prospective charter schools to assist with planning, implementation.

  • Conducted board trainings and self-assessments for charter schools under the District.


Director of Federal Programs                                                          2011-2012

  • Prepared and submitted Federal Program Project Applications and amendments for approval by the South Carolina Department of Education; gathered data, reviewed guideline changes, plans and school descriptions of project activities; approved school level project budgets and determined allocations for each school.

  • Developed and maintained Federal Programs budgets.

  • Evaluated Federal programs using evaluation data and submitted evaluation reports to the South Carolina Department of Education.

  • Provided schools with guidance and oversight on implementation and compliance with Federal Programs.


Director of Special Education                                                          2010-2011

  • Coordinated the development and implementation of policies, procedures, and programs that are consistent with state and federal requirements to provide for the education of children with disabilities within the District.

  • Ensured that funds provided for the education of children with disabilities were expended in accordance with state and federal requirements.

  • Assisted schools to ensure that evaluations, eligibility determinations, individualized education programs (IEPs), and educational placements were developed in accordance with all state and federal requirements.

  • Assisted schools to ensure that children with disabilities receive services in accordance with a properly developed IEP.


South Carolina State Department of Education                

Office of Exceptional Children (OEC)                      

Education Associate for General Supervision                               2006-2010

  • Monitored school districts and state operated programs for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act compliance

  • Trained district and school personnel on IDEA and data collection processes

  • Provided technical assistance to Special Education Directors on issues of noncompliance

  • Collected and analyzed data from school districts concerning children with disabilities

  • Served as a Team Leader on the South Carolina Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights Review Board which covers Section 504, Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendments , Title VI of the 1962 Civil Rights Act, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act


The Birth of Venus Group

Trainer/Owner                                                                                       2005-2008

  • Conducted trainings for counselors and social workers for continuing education units in areas specific to women's issues.

  • Conducted trainings to employees on Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act for cities, counties and private companies.

  • Researched content areas for new information concerning court cases, Supreme Court decisions

  • Created activities and scenarios for group participation

  • Wrote policies for companies who do not have established guidelines at the time of training


Girl Scouts of Carolina Low Country                                           

Fund Development Director                                                                   2002-2005

  • Oversaw all revenue producing and public relations areas for the Girl Scouts of Carolina Low Country Council, including but not limited to:United Way applications for allocation and venture grant money, grant writing to local and national foundations, annual giving from the membership and outside sources, Fall Nuts and Magazines Sale, Annual Cookie Sale Program, special events and the Girl Scout shop.

  • Wrote and trained volunteers and staff on procedures for the Fall Sale and the Annual Cookie Sale.Produced an 11% increase in the Cookie Sale, highest in Council history.

  • Developed and oversaw budgets for all supervised area.

  • Created web based Girl Scout shop for outlying areas of the Council


 YWCA of the Midlands             

 Program Director                                                                                  2000-2002

  • Oversaw the process to determine assessment of member and community needs for Women’s Resource Center, Girl’s Programming and Family Services

  • Wrote grant proposals for program initial and continued funding

  • Wrote grant and programming reports for funders

  • Recruited, hired, trained and supervised all full and part time programming staff

  • Collaborated with staff to determine outcomes for United Way Outcome Measurement Reports

  • Developed and oversaw all programming budgets


 Louisiana State University                                                      

Director of Disability Services                                                                 1996-1999

  • Regulated all University actions to ensure compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehab Act

  • Interpreted Federal and University regulations for accommodation compliance and facilitate the implementation of accommodations and support services for persons with disabilities

  • Developed and updated University policies, procedures and informational materials related to nondiscrimination against persons with disabilities

  • Advised University departments and program staff in fulfilling their legal responsibilities with regard to accommodating persons with disabilities


Director of the LSU Women’s Center                                                       1996-1999

  • Oversaw coordination of all activities and programs sponsored by the Women’s Center

  • Responsible for the selection, training and supervision of all student staff, who carry out the daily activities of the center

  • Oversaw the center’s budget

  • Developed, initiated and supervised all fund raising events and activities

  • Responsible for outreach to community agency representatives to plan, coordinate or sponsor programming or fundraising activities


University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Coordinator for Student Support Services                                              1992-1996

  • Supervised all academic services for UTC for students with disabilities (physical, emotional and learning disabled), including testing facilities, note takers, readers and providing special tutors

  • Hired and trained graduate assistants and tutors in working with students with disabilities

  • Supervised services for students with disabilities in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs







1991     Auburn University  

Master of Education, Counseling     

Concentration in College Student Development


1987     University of Tennessee at Knoxville

Bachelor of Arts,  Psychology      


1994      University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Bachelor of Arts, Humanities

Concentration in Women's Studies 


1997-99  Louisiana State University

Post masters graduate credit in Education, Political Science, English and  Business Management

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