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Institutions of Higher Education

Under the current SC Charter School Law, Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) can now be authorizers of charter schools.  Once an IHE has authorized a charter school the IHE becomes the local education agency (LEA) better known as the district office. An IHE interested in becoming a charter school authorizer must register with the SC Department of Educaton through the Charter School Office.  There is much to be considered by the IHE and I can help with that  information.  Contact me for a preliminary meeting to discuss becoming an authorizer.  If an IHE decides to continue with the process I can train the staff in the SC Charter School Law and the application process, but the road doesn't stop there.  The IHE must now monitor the school, adhere to the SCDOE state reporting  requirments, and much more. 


Traditional Districts Without Charter Schools

While all current districts in SC are automatically eligible to be charter school authorizers very few actually are.   Know what the process should be before you are faced with the 90 day timeline.  Every district needs policies and procedures for charter school authorization that include pre-opening conditions, contracts and charter amendments. 


Authorizers Outside South Carolina

Regardless of where you are located, quality authorizing is quality authorizing.  Based on your state law, I will help you create a process to ensure you only authorizes high quality charter schools.





A Helful Resource for Charter School Authorizing is the

National Association for Charter School Authorizers (NACSA)

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