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Application Reviews for Authorizers

I've read a lot of applications in my time!


Every authorizer can use an outside look at its applications.  To make a valid assessment of the application, I will review the state charter school law and regulations, the state assessment system and the authorizer’s application prior to reviewing any application from your state.  If needed, I will be available for conference calls with the planning committee or face to face depending on the authorization process.


What makes me qualified to be an outside reader is not only my background in charter school authoring but my extensive experience in working for nonprofits, a state department of education, a school district and three institutions of higher education.  I am well-versed in federal programs and civil rights as well.  I have extensive knowledge and experience interviewing planning committee members and reviewing applications. 


Application reviews can be on an hourly bases or by project.  I am flexible to work within your system.



If you want to increase the quality of your charter schools, increase the quality of your approval process. 





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